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Diabetes Information

Aphorisms about Diabetes

Aphorism: an original thought, spoken or written in a laconic, concise, and memorable form.

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  1. Well controlled diabetes is the leading cause of nothing.
    (Added April 7, 2014)

  2. Diabetics: the only people who take drugs so that they don't get high.
    (Added November 26, 2013)

  3. There are a hundred things that influence blood glucose levels, and physicians know about 50 of them.
    (Added October 10, 2013)

  4. I run diabetes - diabetes does not run me.
    (Added July 9, 2012)

  5. Life is not over because you have diabetes. Make the most of what you have - be grateful.
    (Added June 16, 2012)

  6. Kids with diabetes always have plenty of material for science fair projects.
    (Added June 13, 2012)

  7. Diabetics are sweet people.
    (Added June 7, 2012)

  8. Duck Fiabetes
    (Added June 6, 2012)

  9. Insulin is not a cure - it’s life support.
    (Added June 4, 2012)

  10. When life gives you diabetes, make sugar-free lemonade.
    (Added June 2, 2012)

  11. Diabetes: Don’t sugar coat it.
    (Added May 31, 2012)

  12. I run on insulin.
    (Added May 30, 2012)

  13. Diabetes: Live with it!
    (Added May 28, 2012)

  14. Diabetes is only a word, not a sentence.
    (Added May 27, 2012)

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Selected by William W Quick, MD, FACP, FACE


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